the Invincible Iron Man, by Eric Canete.




"God Bless GABRIELE DELL’OTTO for this Masterpiece"

This will be glorious!

Fantastique !!!

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why the fuck is there so much stigma surrounding going to the movies by yourself why the fuck do you need someone to help you sit in the dark and look at a wall for two hours “oh look at that dork they don’t even have a friend to ignore for the entire duration of this event”

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“When you stop searching and you calm down and you put your books away, and you confront yourself and see what you are all about, that will bring about bliss faster than anything you can ever imagine or ever do.”
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Esad Ribic is a master of using lighting and perspective.

-My favorite one is the first image. He only fully rendered a few parts of Thor’s left arm, Mjolnir, his mouth, and his nose. The rest is just suggested by the shading. I look at Esad’s work and I see a lot of echoes from the great illustrators of the Turn of the Century (1900-1901) and the Golden Age of Comics.
This guy is GOOD. I found these convention sketches on:
Yeah. These are sketches. Not fully finished works.
Like a said, he’s good.

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Quentin Quire Vs Apocalypse

Wolverine and the X-Men #1